The Benefits Of Living In A Traditional Neighborhood Development

Americana TND.PNG

Americana is proud to be a Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND). Here you’ll find quality homes joined together with beautifully designed retail and commercial areas, close to where your family needs and wants to be. Located in Zachary, LA, this TND does more than foster a community of houses and people who share a zip code.

Unlike typical commuter communities TNDs let homeowners truly live close to the urban hubs where they work and play. While many master planned communities isolate homeowners from the cities, TNDs let residents truly enjoy big city attractions while living in a spacious home with sense of community. The Americana community is just minutes away from major employers like Georgia Pacific, Exxon Mobil, and IMB, and Zachary, LA is only 12 miles away from downtown Baton Rouge. Americana families don’t have to spend huge portions of their days stuck in traffic jams trying to get to work, and are able to devote their time to spending time with their families and having fun.

If you don’t want to wrangle the family into the car and go downtown for a day of fun, you can still have an exciting day in your TND. Amenities in TNDs go far beyond the plastic slides and patch of struggling grass some developers call a community park. TNDs like Americana leverage a vibrant retail space within the community, so you and your family can walk to your new favorite restaurant or store. Meet up with your neighbors as you spend pleasant evenings on large front porches. Explore hiking and biking trails that crisscross the community. TNDs truly let residents enjoy the best of all possible worlds.    

When you buy a home in the suburbs, that doesn’t mean buying into a traditional cookie-cutter home. TNDs like Americana give you the personalized, spacious new home you have dreamed of in a thriving community designed to keep you active and happy.