Americana Community Park

Green Space

Americana has over 120 acres of parks and open spaces that allow you to connect to nature. At Americana, it’s easy to stay fit while enjoying the abundant natural beauty around you

The Americana waterfront boardwalk offers spectacular views of the lake and the forest beyond. Gentle shorelines wrap around this community center point. Here you can enjoy an afternoon fishing with friends, bird watching, or a quiet evening for two. When the community comes together there are waterfront concerts, barbecues and festival events to be celebrated. The waterfront boardwalk is available for the entire community to enjoy.

But all of the amenities at Americana aren’t just for people! Americana boasts one of the best dog parks in Louisiana! With ample space for your pup to play, the dog park is a great way to exercise your dog while connecting with friends. The park has a pooch play ground and obstacle course as well as a dock and ramp for your dog to play in the water.

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