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After graduating from LSU in Construction Management I went to work for both a national builder  and a local developer building homes all across south Louisiana. In my nearly 10 years of  experience I have built over 250 new homes and have performed numerous remodels and additions.  The feeling of handing over the keys to an excited homeowner never gets old to me, and that’s why I  started RMB Builders LLC. I want you to feel a sense of pride and excitement in your home. Too  often you hear people telling horror stories of their experience in construction, or perhaps they’re  apprehensive to build based on friends or relatives’ experience. Your project or new home doesn’t  have to be like that. I am focused on creating an experience for you that you will rave about and a  final product you will be proud to show off. When you call RMB Builders you won’t be speaking to a  customer liaison, construction coordinator, or any other sort of “go between”. You will be speaking  to me, your builder, every time. With strong communication, attention to detail, and efficient management, together we can build something wonderful. I would love the opportunity to work  with you on your project.